Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eli caught a big bass!

Bass Pro in the making!
The weather has been so nice in Carterville. The high's have been in the low 90's with a cool breeze during the day and the lows have been in the 60's. We have spent most evenings outside and yesterday the kids played at Castle Park for most of the afternoon. Jonathan and Christie live on a very small lake stocked with fish. Eli talked Jonathan into taking him on a boat (canoe) ride across the water to "take fishies out of the water." Eli loved his boat ride and fishing and he even caught his own bass. As he was reeling in the fish, he got scared because the fish was flopping all around, so he threw the pole down and ran up the hill to me. We got him to go back down so I could take a picture with his fish. Eli has always enjoyed riding on Captain Bill's golf cart around the lake. Today we are going swimming and to a peach festival. The kids will get to pick peaches off the trees and eat peach cobbler...yum! I will try and post pictures tomorrow.

Feeding the ducks waiting on the canoe ride

Fishing with Uncle J

Canoe ride across the lake

Captain Bill's golf cart....go Saluki's

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