Monday, June 29, 2009

We made it to Carterville!

I survived the first leg of my trip. It took 10 1/2 hours which included three stops but was pretty much uneventful. Eli watched a couple of movies and entertained himself by pretending he was a dinosaur. While at a McDonald's in Lonoke, Arkansas, we were entertained by two bums arguing over who was the baby's daddy. Eli kept asking me why they were yelling and I was not sure what to say so I just avoided the question. When we got back in the car, Eli told me he was so full from his chicken and that it was making him "grow out of my underwear." He is too funny. Eli is having a blast playing with his cousins. The weather is much more pleasant than in Texas, the kids can actually play outside without melting. We will be here until Friday morning and then we will head to Ohio. Check back for more news.

Annie, Eli and Grace

Annie, Chase and Eli

Grace and Eli

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